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Gary Baughman

Gary Baughman

Level SPS Master Pastelist

Bio Graduate of the United States Air Force Academy. First SPS Exhibition in 1993, won an award. I have taken workshops from Albert Handell, Richard McKinley, Sally Strand and other notable pastel painters. My work has been juried into every SPS exhibition since 2002. I served as President of SPS 2013-2017 and Exhibition Chair 2018-2021. Check my website for info on my workshop dates and locations.

City: Marietta

State: GA

Country: United States

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Email: gjbman@bellsouth.net

Website: http://www.garybaughman.biz

Facebook: http://Gary Baughman

Instagram: http://Thermalchaser

Artwork: NzzJJX1cSwSjYgnt8sMF1g.jpg

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