2022 All About Pastel National Exhibition

Alan Flattmann, Best in Show, The Two Chefs

Celebrating 35 Years 1987-2022

In partnership with the Alpharetta Art Center, Alpharetta, Georgia

October 31st through November 29, 2022


Congratulations to all the artists who were juried into the Southeastern Pastel Society’s, “All About Pastel” National Juried exhibition, held at the beautiful Alpharetta Arts Center in Alpharetta, GA. More than 100 patrons attended the opening reception held Thursday,  Nov. 3. President Connie Reilly announced the awards for artworks that were selected by artist and Juror, Linda Richichi. Attendees selected the People’s Choice Award. The winning 20 artists received over $7000 in awards and prizes, and $300 was given for the Peoples Choice Award. A special congratulations goes to the award winning artists.


Additionally, a toast celebrating SPSs 35th anniversary culminated the event. 

Juror Linda Richichis comments on the exhibit:

Overall, the quality of the pieces submitted to this exhibit was impressive. As with many prestigious competitions, some beautiful work gets turned away due to limited hanging space. The jurying process on this show was especially difficult. Everyone should be very pleased with their entries.

When jurying a competition, Linda looks for five things:

    1. A strong composition is important. Does the artist give us a well designed and unique view?
    2. Is the concept or message clearly delivered without distractions?
    3. How does the artist use technique to communicate his/her message to the viewer? Are there surprises in the variety of strokes, colors or textures to keep us engaged? Or are we awed by all the details?
    4. If the artist is trying to manipulate space, does he or she know how to do this using value? Or how well does the artist use value to express feeling, mood or concept?
    5. Is there, on top of all that, a wow factor, something unusual that keeps the viewer engaged?  

“There is much to consider when painting. These artists have successfully used the elements and principles of art to communicate visually.”

SPS is grateful for our sponsors and partners without which this event would not have been possible.


Donna Catotti, Across the Lynn Canal from Viking Cove

Juror's Comments

Linda Richichi graduated with a Bachelors in Fine Art from SUNY. Her work has exhibited extensively in the United States and she has received top awards and signature status from the Pastel Society of America. Having had an experience with synesthesia  (hearing color) allowed Richichi to have a more extensive vision for color. She leads workshops both online and in person around the country.


Best in Show Award, Alan Flattmann, The Two Chefs

The Two Chefs by Alan Flattmann kept pulling me from the very beginning.  This is truly a masterful work of art. Every inch has something to give the viewer. Not only is it enjoyable visually but it touches the other senses. Can’t you almost feel the heat, smell the aromas and sense the hustle and bustle still going on despite these two chefs taking a moment to pose? This is an inspiring work of art with a perfect silver frame to set off a feeling of metal in the kitchen.

First Place Award, Margaret Dyer, Meg with a White Ribbon

There were several outstanding portraits by Margaret Dyer that deserved a prize. I chose this small gem as the best of the three. Meg with a White Ribbon pulled me in whenever I walked by it. The strong use of color with abstract and lively strokes made me appreciate the painting as both a representational and abstract work simultaneously.

Second Place Award, Connie Reilly, Summer Breeze

Connie Reilly’s Summer Breeze is a masterfully rendered portrait of a young girl. I felt pulled into this beautiful girl’s daydream– an extraordinary feat for an artist to perform successfully. Reilly makes it possible to lose yourself in the same moment that the child herself is lost in.

Ron Pircio Third Place Award, Junko Rothwell, Woman with a Red Cloth

If there was one word to describe the Woman with Red Cloth it would be attitude. Junko Rothwell uses rich color, simplicity of line, and strong shapes in this gorgeous pastel drawing. The dynamic pose, with a juxtaposition of light and dark, gives us a sense of presence. It is impossible to walk by this piece without feeling a lift.

Mikki Dillon Exceptional Merit Award, Rebecca Postell, Mirrors

A stunning well drawn composition with an excellent play of color on the figures and background.

Rebecca Postell, Exceptional Merit - Mikki Dillon Award, Mirrors, (24x18)

Exceptional Merit Award, Laura Pollak, Sunrise at Spring Creek, Tetons

The light and colors in this little landscape is stunning. Despite the small size, it stands strong.

Exceptional Merit Award, Toby Reid, Harvest Basket Light

This was beautiful digitally and more stunning in person. The light on the vegetables is superb.

Merit Award, Deborah Kelly, Still Hanging On

This unusual subject matter and composition makes for a wonderful visual surprise.

Merit Award, Andrea Pejeau, Setting the Sail

Besides the figure being very well drawn the abstracted marks and colors add a surprising element.

Merit Award, Virginia Dauth, Vintage Buoys

The colors and shapes in this little gem are interesting to look at.

Merit Award, Joel Sobelson, In the Bag

The technically superb light effect on the bag and composition captures the eye.

Merit Award and People’s Choice Award, Resa Grogan, Stepping into Adulthood

What a beautiful and delicate handling of the pastel medium to create this well drawn and stunning portrait.

Honorable Mention, Terry Metzler, “Rockin” in the Rocks

“Rocking in the Rocks is a meditative piece with its use of cool colors, touches of sparkles and slow movement.

Honorable Mention, Katherine Irish, Arabesque in Placitas

A lovely skyscape with beautiful clouds that have extensive depth and a warm feeling.

Honorable Mention, Jay DeChesare, Cantonian Shadow Dance

The use of shadow and light with a variety of shapes makes this piece captivating.

Honorable Mention, Karen Margulis, Fantasyland

What a lovely loose, abstracted and active small piece.

Honorable Mention, Anita Stein, Inside Looking Out

The composition, values and shapes in this piece are delightful.

Honorable Mention, Sara Grossman, Work and a Coke

This painting has great perspective and light reflections making it an interesting composition.

Honorable Mention, Nancy Nowak, Sunlit Trees

It was a challenge picking the best of her pieces.  This muted little delight has great colors in the shadows as well as in the light.

Honorable Mention, Jeri Greenberg, Mother and Child Reunion

What a wonderful collection of elements that are done very well.

Honorable Mention, Joanne Willoughby, Where the Colors Glow

The use of color and abstract and marks are uplifting and inspirational.

SPS is grateful for our sponsors and partners